TPU Leather-style Cases for iPhone Xr, Xs & Xs Max.

TPU Leather-style Cases for iPhone Xr, Xs & Xs Max.

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    SleekSmooth and Sexy. 
    It's the culmination of years of hard design work.

    Flexible Lending, To give your iPhone a soft and durable protection, this case is the last word in style and substance.
    As an iPhone passionate, to you, the iPhone X [ XS / XR / XS Max ] is the pinnacle of smartphone design.
    But you still have a problem with bulky cases, which are detrimental to the beauty of your phone.
    That's why we offer you this range of products & services, and absorb all shocks.
    Easy to install / Remove. With an executive aesthetic that's all business, you have a dual-material construction designed to absorb damage, more than earns it's the perfect companion to your iPhone.

    So it's a great choice if you don't want to add volume to your new fancy phone, it keeps your phone slim and offers protection against shock.

    With dual layer protection: the back of the PC + the flexible bumper provide your iPhone effective protection on all 4 sides of the corners and a raised edge to protect the screen of your iPhone.

    A special camera protection design, to show off your photography skills with a creative design that showcases the camera while providing extra protection for the camera lens.

    Specially designed for your iPhone, it has precise cutouts for speakers, charging ports and buttons.

    High wireless charging efficiency, it supports wireless charging without removing your case and has a charging efficiency of up to 98%.

    Select your finishing style.


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