Incense Cones

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Discover our ranges of incense composed of aromatic vegetable materials, associated with essential oils, which emit scented fumes.
They are used for aesthetic reasons and in therapy, meditation and ceremony.

They can also be used as simple deodorants or insect repellent but also to spice up your erotic space.

The word jasmine refers to dicotyledonous plants belonging to the genus Jasminum.
Jasmine is, with the rose, as regards the fragrant and heady species, one of the two queen flowers of perfumery.
Its name comes from Persian Yasaman

Rose |
Rose is the flower of rose bushes, shrubs of the genus Rosa and the family Rosaceae.
The rose garden is characterized above all by the multiplication of its nested petals which gives it its characteristic shape.

Appreciated for its beauty and its scent, celebrated since ancient times by many poets and writers as well as painters for its colors which go from pure white to dark purple through yellow and all the intermediate shades, and for its perfume, she became the "Queen of Flowers", present in almost all gardens and almost all bouquets.

Tulip |

Tulips are a kind of herbaceous plant of the family Liliaceae, which has a hundred species from the warm temperate regions of the Old World.

The lemon tree, Citrus limon, is a species of small trees of the family Rutaceae.
Cultivated in the Mediterranean and subtropical regions for its fruit lemon, whose juice is used mainly as a condiment.

Scented oil-based, Ocean Waves scent the fresh air with hints of citrus.

A refreshing scent.

Ebony |
The ebony - female name - natural is the name given to the heartwood or heartwood produced by several species of trees of the family Ebenaceae belonging to the genus Diospyros, called ebony trees, as well as some trees of the genus Dalbergia

Lavender |
"Lavandula" lavender is a genus of plants of the Lamiaceae family.
They are dicotyledonous shrubs, with mostly purple or purple flowers arranged in spikes, of which most of the species, very fragrant, are widely used in all branches of perfumery.
They grow mainly on dry, sunny calcareous soils, with the exception of Lavandula stoechas, which prefers siliceous soils.
All lavenders are honey plants, very popular with bees.


Santal is an ambiguous vernacular name for certain woods belonging mainly to the genus Santalum, of the Santalaceae family.

Green Tea
A green tea is a tea whose natural oxidation is quickly stopped after picking. This results in unoxidized tea thus maximizing its content of EGCG and other catechins.
Green tea also contains a high concentration of L-theanine and a lower concentration of caffeine than black tea.

Once infused, it can be consumed hot or cold.

Osmanthus Frangrans
The fragrant olive tree, osmanthus, also called olive tree, is a shrub with evergreen 5 to 12 m high.
The flower, very famous in Asia, is used in luxury perfume.

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| Gift wrap | what about it ?

Soon we will put online, the new service.

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