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Nice to have you among us.

You have just validated your payment.

We will soon start processing your order.

But before,

You will receive two e-mails:

    - Confirmation of the client's identity.
    - Product Confirmation / Reference / Color and Quantity
      without forgetting the delivery address.

A return of these two emails at the same time and indispensable to process your order.

We will not process the order if we don't receive your confirmation by return e-mail.

Check your inbox or even SPAM

Please add our e-mail address to the approved address list " @ "

If, however, within 48 hours at most you don't receive one of the e-mail "  Cofirmation customer / Product confirmation " or even both at the same time, please contact us:

specifying :

First name:
Transaction date:
Transaction number:

In object: Order not process.

All of our teams will be happy to satisfy you

Welcome once again to your online store, The senti shop.

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| Gift wrap | what about it ?

Soon we will put online, the new service.

" Gift wrap "

Beautify your gifts.

💝  💝  💝 

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