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- Delivery and Returns Policy.

- Conditions of return

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We thank you for trusting us,

You have validated your payment.

Return e-mail will be sent to you for confirmation of customer identity and verification of your order see Link (

During the payment validation process you have to manually opt for a choice of delivery method:


This function gives you the right to choose the carrier or it is clearly defined these means and shipping practices for the delivery of the order collies.

Delivery times are specified according to your choice of carrier predefined in our platform during the validation of your order

All orders are subject to product availability.

If an item of your order is not available, we will send you the part of your order available.

When this item is available, we will send you the rest of your order.

The shipping costs for your order are not refundable and are based on the weight and / or quantity of items you order and your location in the world.

The delivery date of your order may vary depending on the shipping practices of the chosen carrier, the place of delivery, the method of delivery and the quantity of items ordered, and furthermore, your order may be delivered in several shipments .

Additional shipping charges may apply depending on your location and the size of your order.

You are responsible for all taxes applicable to the delivery of your order, including sales tax, value-added tax, customs duties and excise duties.

Receipt of order :

To conclude the receipt of your order, the delivery driver affiliate to the carrier's company will ask you for an identification document according to your place of residence.

The first name and the last name of the person authorized to receive the order must be identical to the first name and the last name appearing on the delivery coordinates.

If the condition is not fulfilled and defective at the time of delivery, the principal of the order can send us an email "" to authorize a third person to receive the collies in his favor.

This email should contain the following description:

    I, the client  ...... (Last name and first name )......; Order number .....................; dated ........................;

    I hereby authorize ...... ( Last name and first name ) ......; Identification number .................. (in accordance with his local identification document of his region.)

I authorize him to receive my order in my favor.

Once we receive this email we will transfer the changes and updates to the services concerned to do the necessary.

This change may cause a delay of receipt until 04 days for a confirmation of date and time of delivery.

Reception not established

In the case where the delivery is not successful, and the customer "order giver of the order or the third person authorized to receive the order" does not respond to phone calls and emails that our services have been forwarded to him and the absence of a person of age entitled to receive the collies at the delivery address mention beforehand. (which we will name: Delayed Delivery)

This order will be made available, stored in a maximum period of 15 days at the premises of our deliverers as close as possible to the delivery address.

After this period (15 days) we will begin the procedure of return to our store, the package or pending.

The customer, the client or the beneficiary will no longer have the right to claim full or partial reimbursement of the value of the order.

A storage period may or may not be granted to the applicant, if it manifests by sending an email ( requesting the postponement of the delivery date to a date mentioned in his email.

The warehousing costs will be charged to the customer who will be liable for this amount "Cost of storage calculate and transmitted to the customer" client or beneficiary "for agreement."

Reception with subreserve.

The client "client or beneficiary" after receiving the order may have some subreserve about his order.

       - Parcel delivered not in accordance with the order and the description of the product appearing in our online store when ordering.

       - Delivered parcel damaged "default of delivery".

       - Delivered package defective "manufacturing defect".

A delay of 24 hours, is granted to the customer to manifest itself by sending an email ( to assert his right of complaint.

This email must contain:

        Subject: Reception with sub-reserve

        Name / Surname of the payer

         Payment transaction number

         Number order

         Delivery receipt number

         Delivery date

        Reason for receipt with subreserve.

In attachments / photos of the product clearly defining the mention in Object.

The conditions of returns, exchanges or refunds are defined and mentioned in our Conditions of return.

Guaranteed for products.

The products marketed on our online store may or may not benefit from guaranteed duration of use or operation.

Guaranteed duration and defined on the page and the description of the product in question.

If the warranty period does not appear on the product page it means that no warranty of use or operation is granted to the buyer. See Conditions of return.


We will be happy to help you and answer any other questions you may have.



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