Homosexuality in Germany !!

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Homosexuality in Germany !!

Homosexuals in Germany submit to practices of the Middle Ages, a style of light therapy, indoctrination, electroshock and exorcism.

Unfortunately, these practices have had dangerous consequences for people undergoing these treatments by developing suicidal and depressive behaviors.

Jens Spahn, German Minister of Department of Health, to seek expertise and research from director of the Institute for Sexual Research and Forensic Psychiatry of the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital, Dr. Peer Briken.

Who explains in his report that homosexuality is not a disease, but that it is "Scientifically improbable that sexual orientation can change from outside"

Voopoo Collection.

To support his bill against these anti-homosexual therapies, Jens Spahn himself married to a man, had commissioned two reports that would help in his fight during the deliberations of evaluations of the YES or NO of these treatments with 46 political and scientific experts.

No surprise, the results will satisfy our friends, "Homosexuality is not a disease, so no treatment."

For all of these experts, "it is medically necessary and constitutionally possible to prohibit these practices" still exercising in some Christian evangelical churches.

For Martin Burgi, professor of law at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, the prohibition of these practices is valid in criminal and constitutional law.

For leaders fighting against such violence like Jens Spahn and LGBT activists, this is just great news.

The Department of Health intends to bring a new ally to his fight, The Department of Justice to be able to implement the laws prohibiting these processes, denounced since March 2018 by The European Parliament.

Hoping that by the end of the year at the Bundestag Parliamentary Assembly, the bill will be passed to legally prohibit all such therapies.

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