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Do you do housework easily?
The mop is not always clean.
Bacteria nest and grow easily.
They take in nutrients and reproduce by dividing.
One bacteria split and becomes two bacteria, two become four, four become eight and so on...
You twist dirty water with your hands.
Effort and movement, often you bend over and hurt your waist.

What do you want !!!

You don't have to sweep, bend or touch a dirty mop again!
Magic spin mop 306°.

Images Gallery.

Magic spin mop 360°

Magic Spin Mop 360°
Eco-friendly / Wear-resistant / Easy to clean.
Strong water / Absorption / Strong / Decontamination.
Magic 360° Spin Mop.
360° Cleaning Mops.
360 spin mops disposable microfiber wet mop.

Adjusted telescopic handle from 33 cm - 118 cm.

Magic Mop 360°
Spin and easy to install.
Superfine microfiber mop head.
The special microfiber mop material absorbs 10x of its own weight leaving no streaks.
Magic Spin Mop 306°
Centrifugal dryer technology.
Magic Spin Mop 360°
Additional anti-splash frame.
Magic Spin Mop 360°
Easy to install, remove and clean.
Magic Spin Mop 360°
Dirty water, disposal point.


  • Spin basket material: New PP / Stainless.
  • Bucket material: New PP.
  • Pole material: Stainless.
  • Refill material: Microfiber head.
  • Pole length: 91 - 123 cm.
  • Pole thickness: 0.25 / 0.3 mm. 
  • Pole diameter: 22 / 25 mm.
  • Bucket size: 45 x 25 x 23 cm.
  • Refill outer diameter: 33 cm.
  • Refill Weight: 90 g.
  • Bucket Weight (With Basket): 622 g.
  • Each set includes: 1 bucket, 1 handle, 2 heads.

360° spinning mop with strong bucket.

360° Spinning Mop With Strong Bucket.


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  • 50% Off
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