Aromatherapy Diffuser.

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Moisten your living space, using the Essential Oils diffuser.

By spraying a soft mist and fine spread in the air.

Moisturizes your skin and reduces dust and bacteria.

You get a totally peaceful atmosphere, hence the relaxing feeling of a SPA.

New design with six picturesque variable lighting effects.

The oil diffuser releases a lot of ions that neutralize static electricity in the air and removes harmful substances in the air.

Fill with water and add a few drops of essential oil, to reduce odors in " your home, office, spa, gym and yoga ... " and restore a fresh and friendly space.

It can be used as an oil diffuser / humidifier / air purifier and night light for your bedroom and your children's room.

A volume of 130 ml of water for four hours operation in continuous fog mode.
Once the container is empty, the diffuser switches off automatically to protect the overheating

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| Gift wrap | what about it ?

Soon we will put online, the new service.

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