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Google, business name that originates from the mathematical term "Googol" or Gogol, which means 10100, that is, a number beginning with 1 followed by one hundred zeros.

The foundation of Google's business history begins with the meeting of two students from Stanford University in 1995.

Sergei Brin then twenty-three years old and Larry Page twenty-four years old are "Practically disagree on everything".

This does not prevent them, however, in January 1996, from starting to work on a new search engine.

In 1997, Larry Page and Sergei Brin asked other computer science students for help in naming the results of their work.

The idea would have come from Sean Anderson, who suggested "Googolplex", a name that seduced Larry Page.

He asked her to go and register the domain name "Googol".

Sean Anderson would then be mistaken in the entry of the name, striking | google.com |. 

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 Other sources claim that, the domain name | googol.com | no longer available (already assigned since April 1995), the name was changed voluntarily.

Whatever the reason, Google takes the place of Googol, simpler and easier to remember, and it will become famous around the world: in 2006, it is awarded as the name of the search engine, then to the company , was one of the world's top 10 brands and has since become the world's first known brand.

Moreover, the similarity with the word goggles, recalls the two [O] of the mark.

If we cannot attribute their origin, Google uses this word in one of its photo search services: Google goggles.

Also, 10gogol (a number 1 followed by a Gogol of zeros) is called a googolplex, which comes from the name of Google Headquarters in California Mountain View.

"The company has around 50,000 employees, most of whom work at Googolplex Global Headquarters."

This term symbolizes the goals Google has set for itself: "Organize the huge amount of information available on the Web and around the world. "

Indeed, if the number of index able web pages is gigantic (more than a thousand billion), it remains minimal compared to a Gogol.

This number, from which the name Google is derived, expresses the potentially colossal and universal dimensions of the internet world.


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