Magic Bluetooth Speakers A106 by EWA.

Elegant design, element function without complicated settings.
Incredible battery life, up to 12 hours at 50% volume on a single charge.
Its amazing, beyond the size limit.
Tiny and light, comfortable to carry.

The EWA  A106 mini speaker is conveniently small but able of releasing crystalline sound with impressive bass and room filling sound thanks to a high performance driver and a passive subwoofer.
Small, but so powerful Bluetooth speaker. Stream music or Internet radio services such as Pandora and Spotify wirelessly from your smartphone, iPhone or any other Bluetooth audio device.

Making Moments Special.
From the beginning, we were thinking of making such a speaker:
It should be small, so it can be taken and enjoyed anywhere.
So, the size as 1.89* 1.57'', just like an egg. It was originally packed with a hard EWA case to allow the speaker to play music when inside and to protect the speaker from scratches.

It should be loud, beyond the limit of the size.
So, we equipped the speaker with a custom-made, high performance 3W neodymium driver, which delivers a loud and balanced sound.

It should have an incredible bass.
Previously, the biggest pain point of small size speakers was the weakness of the bass performance. In such a tiny space, we needed to add the driver, the battery and all electronic components inside. Besides, through our innovative technology, the EWA A106 speaker was equipped with a passive radiator, which is why it released such amazing bass, this needed to fit too.

It should be simple and delicate.
People like something that is small and delicate, so we used metal materials, and followed a minimalist design.
People do not like complicated technology, thus we gave up needless functions such as a 3.5mm AUX-In, NFC, microphone. And other buttons were also abandoned apart from just one, with an LED indicator.

This is the EWA A106, an unparalleled Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
We hope people love it and take it everywhere with them.

Simple, but packs a lot of punch.
Play it loud.
Thanks to the fully equipped custom-made high performance 3W neodymium driver, the EWA A106 is surprisingly louder with well-balanced sound, even louder than most of the speakers which double its size.

Play it easy.
The only button on the speaker is the ON/ OFF button with LED indicator, which is also able to play/pause with 1 click, play the next track with 2 clicks and play the previous track with 3 clicks.



Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106 img4 The Magic's Coming.
With dozens of unique technologies, and thanks to the fully equipped neodymium internal magnet driver and the down-ward bass radiator, you can now enjoy such a miraculous sound experience without larger speakers.
Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106 img5Impressive Volume and Bass.
Although small in size, has a high performance 3W driver offers a louder and clearer sound.
Has a Hi-Fi passive radiator, which offers rich and high lows.
Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106 img6 IP67 Waterproof.
Take it where you want to go.
IP67 Bluetooth waterproof speaker protection against rain, dust, snow and shock.
Perfect for any activity, outdoors and indoors, by the pool or beach for hiking, camping, picnicking, showering, cooking, partying and traveling...
Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106 img7 Simple But Elegant Design.
You can use it anytime, anywhere.
The vision is to make a small, simple, feature speaker function without microphone, 3.5mm jack and other unnecessary buttons, leaving a silicone button.
(Hold switch on/off, one-tap to take a break, double-tap or triple-tap to change song).
Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106 img8Long Battery Life - Easy To Carry.
The 700 mAh built-in lithium-polymer battery guarantees 4.5 hours of play time (up to 12 hours at 50% volume) on a single charge.
This means that your small EWA  A106 speaker can accompany you to listen to music all day long. It only takes 2 hours to get fully loaded with 1A charger.
Weighing 6.2 ounces and measuring 1.89*H1.54 inches, with the speaker you will get a metal hook and a transport case that allows you to take your music on the road, and also protects your EWA  A106 portable speaker from damage.
Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106 img9

Key Features.

Wireless connection.
Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, connect to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or tablet, and automatic with devices you last used
State-of-the-art craftsmanship.
Pushed the boundaries in the creation of the A106, leveraging unique manufacturing innovations to design a speaker that delivers superior sound quality in an elegant and versatile body.
Long battery life.
Featuring a built-in Li-ion 500mAh rechargeable battery to ensure up to 8 hours of solid playing time when set to 50% volume. Recharge in just 2 hours with the USB cable microphone included
The packaged case allows the speaker to continue playing music indoors. Also protects the speaker from scratches
The packaged metal hook allows you to hang it on your bag, bike. It's good to go.

Package content.

Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106 img10

Select your finishing style.

Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106               Bluetooth Speaker, EWA A106

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